Offline Cryptocurrency Wallet for PC and Mac – Download Free

Download CRYPall Ltd. Category: Finance Publication date: 08/30/2010 Licence: $0.99 Version: File size 15.27MB compatibility: Windows 11 to 10, Windows 8 to 7, Vista and Mac OS 10 11 15.15 How it works: What is Offline Cryptocurrency? What's Great? 1. The application generates random address and private key of the crypto currency by your choice completely offline, which means that is the best option to store your assets. 2. Your crypto assets should be stored in an offline wallet. Everything can be hacked, except our offline wallet. 3. Hacking can even occur to "Ledger", as your computer can store viruses that can steal data from "Ledger", and upload it to third parties when you connect to internet. 4. In the application you will see tutorials how to access the funds, sent to the offline wallet. Offline Cryptocurrency Wallet … [Read more...]