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Selling a Business

Selling a business is an important decision and transaction and one that cannot be taken lightly. Often business owners are not sure how to, or do not have the time to, prepare for the sale, find the correct buyer, structure the transaction, plan exit strategy and maintain confidentiality throughout the process. Companies turn to a business broker for the help and expertise they need. There is no charge for consultation and it is strictly confidential.

Strict Confidentiality
Confidentiality during the selling process is a very important factor. If the public, vendors, employees or customers are prematurely notified of the business sale, it could have a detrimental effect on the company and its potential value. At Benchmark Business Brokers we take confidentiality very seriously as can be affirmed by the respect we hold in the industry.

Business Evaluation
Gaining a thorough understanding of a business and its financial strengths and weaknesses is significant in selling a business. Every potential buyer will want to know why the business is for sale; what is being sold as part of the business; how the business is structured; and what is the past and current financial situation of the business. During this evaluation process, all business information is treated responsibly and in a way that protects the business interest. By working closely with the seller, Benchmark Business Brokers can identify factors that enhance the company’s worth and help the seller set the correct value on the business.

Discovering Potential Buyers
At Benchmark Business Brokers, finding the right buyer for a business for sale begins with our extensive network of qualified prospects. We keep a detailed inventory of prospects who are looking to buy a business and are ready to buy quickly. Also, Benchmark Business Brokers uses time honored and timely advertising modes to maximize a company’s exposure to potential buyers, including internet listings.

The “Correct” Buyer
Qualifying and interviewing potential buyers filters out those buyers who are not the right match for a specific business for sale. Every potential buyer is required to sign a binding confidentiality agreement that protects all information shared with them by Benchmark Business Brokers. Each potential buyer is qualified as to their financial stability and capability, background, work history and level of experience in the business being offered for sale.

The Sale
Since the buyer’s objective are completely opposite of the seller’s, a sale must be creatively structured and negotiated so that the price and terms are viable. This is Benchmark Business Brokers’ forte: bringing a sale together to yield the most for our clients while enabling all parties to be satisfied with the outcome.