Benchmark Business Brokers Services

Our Services

Benchmark Business Brokers is a full-service business brokerage firm providing all the necessary services and support to complete selling a business or buying a business in a manner that exceeds the expectations of all parties involved. Since service to our clients is our business we deliver that service politely, promptly and with the highest ethical standards. There is no charge for consultation and it is strictly confidential.

Our services include:

Selling A Business
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Buying A Business
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Business Planning and Analysis
Need information before you make a decision to sell your business? We can help you evaluate such important issues as current market conditions, how to price your business for sale, how to best structure your business for sale, and how to prepare your business for sale to maximize its value to a potential buyer.

Business Valuations
You may need to know the value of your business for reasons other than selling. Such personal matters as marital or partnership issues, estate planning, etc. may require an actual valuation of the business that can be defended in case of litigation. We have the knowledge and expertise to advise in these matters and to prepare the required business valuation.

Buying or Selling a Franchise
We work with franchise companies who want to expand into our area. We will only provide you information on the best franchises that we feel are excellent opportunities. We only work with franchisors who we know will follow through in providing all the necessary information. We also sell existing franchises. We are familiar with franchise regulations, necessary agreements between the business and its franchisor and other requirements for the resale of a franchise.

Other Services
We have affiliations with many different services that offer financing, SBA funding, franchises and accounting. We can provide the names of attorneys who are very familiar with small business and business transfer services. We belong to various websites that provide us with businesses for sale all over the county as well as associations that provide us with networking capabilities. We also have lists of business brokers who specialize in very specific type business whose services we can call on if required. If it’s about the privately held business, we can help!