Buying a Business

Acquiring an existing business is an exciting and adventurous undertaking which can mean an immediate return on investment as well as the convenience of moving into an established business operation. However, such a purchase involves an extensive decision-making process and finding a strong, experienced business broker to aid in this process is very important. Benchmark Business Brokers, LLC has partnered with many business purchasers to guide them through buying and transitioning into a business. We offer no charge consultations in strict confidentiality.

Acquiring An Existing Business
Acquisition of an existing business has some significant advantages over starting a new venture. Some of the potential advantages include the ability to view actual financials, training from the seller, immediate cash flow, greater capital/borrowing power, possible owner financing, trained employees and established customers. Benchmark can help a buyer evaluate these factors and see all the possibilities on an individual basis.

Assessing Your Qualifications
Before beginning to search for the right business, Benchmark must obtain a completed and executed Confidentiality Agreement to protect any shared specific business information. An assessment of qualifications will be created based on the following criteria: goals, desired outcome, financial capability, work experience, type of business preferred and partner/investor relationships. Knowing these factors, Benchmark can help a buyer select the right businesses to pursue.

Finding The Right Business To Buy
Whether we have an appropriate business already in our inventory or need to make an individualized search to find the right business, Benchmark will facilitate all the subsequent steps: visiting businesses to view the operation and talk t current owners, making an offer, and pursuing Due Diligence (a detailed exploration of the company’s financial history, business contracts, leases, vendor relationships, etc.).

Closing Process
Benchmark will have guided the potential buyer through all the details involved in selecting and evaluating a business but there is more to come. Once the decision is made to purchase a business, Benchmark will be instrumental in structuring and negotiating a purchase that fits the buyer’s needs. An authorized escrow attorney will perform lien searches and prepare the closing papers and Benchmark will coordinate all aspects of the closing process, insuring all the necessary documents are produced and completed by the closing date. Benchmark’s proven experience provides business buyers the opportunity to achieve the American dream of successful business ownership!