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Industry: Construction, Maintenance
Location: Bexar, Bexar County
Listed Price: $ 570,000
FFE: $ 100,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 1,400,000
Cash Flow: $ 145,000
Listing ID: 4012-7636
Description: Bexar County HVAC Company with 35 year reputation of doing A/C & Heating service.  Extensive customer list, (9,800 names & addresses) residential and commercial.  This business could have more room ...
Location: Bexar, Texas
Listed Price: $ 340,000
FFE: $ 25,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 316,530
Cash Flow: $ 163,853
Listing ID: 4012-7642
Description: Great opportunity to purchase an established Pet Services & Supplies business in the North Central San Antonio Area. Seller will consider some financing for a qualified buyer.  One of the ...
Industry: Restaurant, Bar
Location: Guadalupe, Texas
Listed Price: $ 235,000
FFE: $ 60,000 (Included in Price)
Down Payment: $ 150,000
Gross Revenue: $ 500,000
Cash Flow: $ 110,000
Listing ID: 4012-7640
Description: This is a free standing restaurant located on main highway, has very little competition.  It has many repeat customers that enjoy delicious authentic recipes using the freshest ingredients.  Separate bar ...
Industry: Entertainment
Location: Bexar, Texas
Listed Price: $ 225,000
FFE: (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 100,000
Cash Flow: $ 29,000
Listing ID: 4012-7637
Industry: Signs & Grphics, Business Services
Location: Bexar, TX
Listed Price: $ 188,000
FFE: $ 10,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 472,000
Cash Flow: $ 156,000
Listing ID: 4012-7641
Description: This Signs & Promotional Products Company has been established 32 years. It has an extensive client list. Much repeat business. They are known in the business for putting out quality ...
Industry: Agriculture, Landscaping
Location: Bexar, Texas
Listed Price: $ 175,000
FFE: $ 18,000 (Included in Price)
Down Payment: $ 88,000
Gross Revenue: $ 190,000
Cash Flow: $ 74,800
Listing ID: 4012-7644
Description: Long established Anterior and Exterior Container plant and Garden Design company.  Loyal customer base.  A lot of growth potential.  Operation requires an 1800 sq. ft. greenhouse or artificially lighted warehouse ...
Industry: Food & Restaurant
Location: Bexar County, Texas
FFE: (Included in Price)
Listing ID: 4012-7631
Description: Modern Fusion Cuisine Bistro in North San Antonio
Industry: Restaurant
Location: Bexar, Texas
FFE: (Included in Price)
Listing ID: 4012-7632
Description: Proven Local Franchise Italian Restaurant with Famous Fantastic Pizza
Industry: Food, Entertainment
Location: Bexar, Texas
FFE: (Included in Price)
Listing ID: 4012-7643
Description: This San Antonio Night Club is in a safe area with lots of parking – 800 spaces.  Nice atmosphere.  DJ & occasional bands.  VIP seating & occasional private party venue. ...
Industry: Postal, Service
Location: Bexar, Texas
FFE: (Included in Price)
Listing ID: 4012-7645
Description: Low Regulations Postal Franchise, offer UP,S Fed-Ex, USPS, DHL.  Established 13 years, 7 internet stations w/printing.  Large packing service, great customer service.  Good Google presence.   If the buyer pays ...
Industry: Laundry Service
Location: Bexar, Texas
FFE: (Included in Price)
Listing ID: 4012-7646
Description: This Laundry Service specializes in cleaning table linen, wash and fold and chef attire.  Open 3 to 4 days/week.  Excellent reputation and good relationship with customers.  Strong growth potential due ...