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Industry: Restaurants
Location: Bexar, CA
Listed Price: $ 789,000
FFE: $ 70,000 (Included in Price)
Down Payment: $ 395,000
Gross Revenue: $ 2,273,700
Cash Flow: $ 396,000
Listing ID: 7674
Description: Highly profitable 2 location restaurants.  The first location was established 15 years ago, building their reputation and concept, they opened a second location in 2012.  The restaurants have a 4.5 ...
Industry: Transportation, Logistics
Location: Bexar, Texas
Listed Price: $ 290,000
Gross Revenue: $ 111,700
Cash Flow: $ 103,600
Listing ID: 7669
Description: This Freight Trucking – Local Brokerage business has been established 22 years.  The company has a pool of long established 5-10 independent contractors.  The customers are major international companies that ...
Industry: Service, Maintenace
Location: Bexar, Texas
Listed Price: $ 257,500
FFE: (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 387,000
Cash Flow: $ 106,000
Listing ID: 7672
Description: This consistently profitable appliance repair company has an excellent reputation and has become a well known service provider.  They are professional, prompt, honest and efficient.  They service all makes and ...
Industry: Restaurant, Bar
Location: Guadalupe, Texas
Listed Price: $ 235,000
FFE: $ 60,000 (Included in Price)
Down Payment: $ 150,000
Gross Revenue: $ 500,000
Cash Flow: $ 110,000
Listing ID: 7640
Description: This is a free standing restaurant located on main highway, has very little competition.  It has many repeat customers that enjoy delicious authentic recipes using the freshest ingredients.  Separate bar ...
Industry: HVAC, Construction
Location: Bexar County, Texas
Listed Price: $ 225,000
FFE: $ 15,000 (Included in Price)
Down Payment: $ 70,000
Gross Revenue: $ 450,000
Cash Flow: $ 40,000
Listing ID: 7670
Description: Bexar County HVAC Company. with 44 year reputation of doing AC & Heating service.  Extensive customer list, (9,800 names & addresses) residential and commercial.  This business could have more room ...
Industry: Food, Desserts
Location: Bexar, Texas
Listed Price: $ 199,000
FFE: $ 50,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 196,800
Cash Flow: $ 52,800
Listing ID: 7676
Description: Easy operation with room for growth! True turnkey with a much lower investment than starting one from the ground up. If you are looking for a rewarding and fun business ...
Industry: Retail, E-Commerce
Location: Bexar, Texas
Listed Price: $ 189,000
FFE: $ 16,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 298,200
Cash Flow: $ 89,000
Listing ID: 7667
Description: This online furniture sales business is postured for growth.  Covid condition are creating more demand for online everything.  Lower fixed costs.  Consequently, they are able to compete against large players.  ...
Industry: Restaurant, Food
Location: Bexar, Texas
Listed Price: $ 179,000
FFE: $ 15,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 504,500
Cash Flow: $ 131,200
Listing ID: 7663
Description: Turnkey full service pizzeria, established 22 years.  Perfect opportunity for first time buyer or an experienced restaurant user.  Ideal location.  Well trained staff that is willing to stay.  Currently it ...
Industry: Liquor , Retail
Location: Bexar, Texas
Listed Price: $ 160,000
FFE: $ 60,000 (Included in Price)
Down Payment: $ 90,000
Gross Revenue: $ 399,000
Cash Flow: $ 36,000
Listing ID: 7673
Description: Absentee run liquor store in the northwest quadrant of San Antonio.  This liquor store is located in a busy strip center, with great foot traffic.  The business is surrounded by ...
Industry: Service
Location: Bexar, Texas
Listed Price: $ 116,000
FFE: $ 50,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 349,000
Cash Flow: $ 53,000
Listing ID: 7647
Description: This San Antonio Salon and Spa has lots of walk-ins and repeat business. Services offered included cuts, color, microdermabrasions, hair extensions, brides on site. Populated area. Owners willing to stay ...
Industry: Service, Franchise
Location: Bexar, Texas
Listed Price: $ 84,000
FFE: $ 3,000 (Included in Price)
Down Payment: $ 28,000
Gross Revenue: $ 256,000
Cash Flow: $ 7,800
Listing ID: 7666
Description: This residential cleaning franchise has been recognized by Inc. magazine as the fastest growing cleaning company for 3 consecutive years.  Also nationally recognized by Entrepreneur magazine, CNN Money, Yahoo News, ...
Industry: Retail, Flower Shop
Location: Texas
FFE: $ 68,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 754,000
Cash Flow: $ 274,000
Listing ID: 7675
Description: This South Texas flower shop is 100% flowers & plants, not a gift or wire order filling store.  It is a designated city legacy business serving clients for over 75 ...